About Toeties

About Toeties

Toeties is a fashion accessory collection with a simple message and is originated in response to an increasing materialistic world...
We don't need any diamonds, gold or other bling bling to feel special or be happy. 
Taking happiness and pleasure in the little things of life, that is what's important.      
-Our virtue is simplicity-
That is what we stand for, in the full sense of the word. 
Our mission is to spread this message.

My idea was to break down the customary way of designing jewelry, so I started my own jewelry line.
My jewelry are original and in every way diametrical to what's familiar. That's why the products, simplistic and straight with a playful touch, are made of the soft fabric, sweatshirt fabric. 
On many items I use buttons in different colours and sizes as a statement. The buttons take the place of the diamonds and everything that blings.

Toeties has been extended and besides jewelry other fashion accessories have been added to the collection. When new ideas emerge, the collection will be complemented. Everything is handmade with love! 

-Our virtue is simplicity. Join us on our mission!- 





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